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Keith Dawson
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 4/23/2014   Comment now   3 comments
There has been big pickup of the story we covered in February: the Penn State study that Soraa sponsored, demonstrating that blue-pumped LED light does not activate the optical brightening agents (OBAs) present in pretty much any product that the manufacturers want to appear whiter than white. We had introduced the topic of OBAs the previous September.
Charlotte Erdmann
Charlotte Erdmann, Contributing Editor, 4/23/2014   Comment now   7 comments
A 2011 study demonstrated that students' attention and cognitive performance can be enhanced by biologically optimized LED lighting.
Keith Dawson
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 4/22/2014   Comment now   8 comments
There's big money to be made in legalized marijuana, and growers in Colorado and elsewhere are among the most adventuresome experimenters with LED-based horticultural lighting.
Bill Reisenauer
Bill Reisenauer, Co-Founder, LED Specialists, 4/21/2014   Comment now   12 comments
There is a movement afoot to replace everyone's favorite mathematical constant.
Most recent post, kdawson, 4/23/2014 12:54:53 PM
Thanks. Almost as much fun as the decade-ago Googlewhack craze.
Keith Dawson
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 4/21/2014   Comment now   33 comments
This week: a road that glows in the dark, a minimalist lamp shade, and landscape lighting with wireless control.
Bill Reisenauer
Bill Reisenauer, Co-Founder, LED Specialists, 4/18/2014   Comment now   17 comments
The design flexibility enabled by LEDs continues to rise as solid-state lighting moves beyond imitating century-old technology.
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Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 4/21/2014
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Bill Reisenauer, Co-Founder, LED Specialists, 4/18/2014
Hubbell Lighting's Expansive Project Financing
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 4/18/2014
More Lights for Africa
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 4/16/2014
DOE Opens PAR38 L Prize Competition
James Brodrick, Lighting Program Manager, US Department of Energy, 4/17/2014
Conversations with Philips Lumileds
Rahul Bammi
Rahul Bammi, VP Marketing, Philips Lumileds, 3/31/2014   Comment now   11 comments
As the year unfolds, you will see mid-power LEDs optimized for more than just lumens or lumens per watt. And the mid-power/high-power distinction will increasingly blur.
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4/23/2014 2:19:36 PM
kdawson on The LED Patent Landscape
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3/31/2014 3:02:32 PM
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