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Dennis McCarthy
Dennis McCarthy, Independent SSL Systems Auditor & Analyst, 11/26/2014   Comment now   3 comments
Most will wait to say their thanks tomorrow but I'll get my words of appreciation in early.
Charlotte Erdmann
Charlotte Erdmann, Contributing Editor, 11/25/2014   Comment now   7 comments
In the small district of Wallenhorst in northwestern Germany, an expensive but pointless LED installation is causing an outcry about wasted tax euros.
Most recent post, Ron Amok, 11/26/2014 7:31:43 AM
It's called a "LASER"
Ed Rodriguez
Ed Rodriguez, President & CEO, OptoThermal Technologies, 11/25/2014   Comment now   2 comments
Lifetime claims often can't be substantiated, and it's not only the small players that are guilty of exaggeration.
Karl Hakkarainen
Karl Hakkarainen, Consultant & Blogger, 11/24/2014   Comment now   23 comments
Even as the shift to LED lighting accelerates for consumers, the process for finding good product guidance is a mess.
Keith Dawson
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 11/24/2014   Comment now   10 comments
Yesterday we had a first look at the Klauf Light Bar as finally delivered following its successful Kickstarter fundraising effort. Here's what it looked like coming out of the box.
Bill Reisenauer
Bill Reisenauer, Co-Founder, LED Specialists, 11/21/2014   Comment now   13 comments
The fuse is an apparently simple element of a well-designed circuit, providing needed safety and protection, but its selection has some wrinkles that may not be evident at first sight.
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Amazon, You're Not Helping
Karl Hakkarainen, Consultant & Blogger, 11/24/2014
The Klauf Light Bar Arrives
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 11/20/2014
Carnival of Components: The Fuse
Bill Reisenauer, Co-Founder, LED Specialists, 11/21/2014
Unboxing the Klauf Light Bar
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 11/24/2014
What Can You Say About LED-Illuminated Manhole Covers?
Charlotte Erdmann, Contributing Editor, 11/25/2014
Conversations with Philips Lumileds
Rahul Bammi
Rahul Bammi, VP Marketing, Philips Lumileds, 3/31/2014   Comment now   16 comments
As the year unfolds, you will see mid-power LEDs optimized for more than just lumens or lumens per watt. And the mid-power/high-power distinction will increasingly blur.
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