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Keith Dawson
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 2/11/2015   Comment now   27 comments
After a 24-month run in the thick of the SSL revolution, All LED Lighting will cease publication today.
Most recent post, Leila, 1/15/2016 8:29:42 AM
I like this post !
Bill Reisenauer
Bill Reisenauer, Co-Founder, LED Specialists, 2/11/2015   Comment now   10 comments
After 78 blog posts, I hope I'm beginning to get a feel for what this community cares about. It goes well beyond lighting.
Most recent post, Bill Reisenauer, 12/8/2015 3:48:02 PM
Thanks Eva, that would be nice!
Ed Rodriguez
Ed Rodriguez, President & CEO, OptoThermal Technologies, 2/10/2015   Comment now   9 comments
Here are some of the issues surrounding LEDs in lighting that we have debated over the past two years. I don't know if any minds were changed, but we all learned things along the way.
Karl Hakkarainen
Karl Hakkarainen, Consultant & Blogger, 2/9/2015   Comment now   8 comments
In spite of advancements brought about by the 2011 patent legislation, the "America Invents Act" (AIA), patent lawsuits continue pretty much unchecked and cover everyone with something less than glory.
Keith Dawson
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 2/9/2015   Comment now   4 comments
Here is the sixth and final edition of the All LED Lighting table of contents, from our launch date to present. It's not a complete listing of everything we have published over the last 24 months, but it gives a solid idea of the range and breadth of what we have discussed here.
Most recent post, evabeausoleil, 12/7/2015 8:45:49 AM
Such a great list
Karl Hakkarainen
Karl Hakkarainen, Consultant & Blogger, 2/6/2015   Comment now   7 comments
We don't need Glenn Beck to tell us to raise an eyebrow when we read that a "green" but affordable light bulb costs $50.
Most recent post, jeromedenis, 12/17/2015 12:01:27 PM
Very interesting !
Conversations with Philips Lumileds
Rahul Bammi
Rahul Bammi, VP Marketing, Philips Lumileds, 3/31/2014   Comment now   23 comments
As the year unfolds, you will see mid-power LEDs optimized for more than just lumens or lumens per watt. And the mid-power/high-power distinction will increasingly blur.
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