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Dennis McCarthy
Dennis McCarthy
Dennis McCarthy
Bill Reisenauer
Dennis McCarthy
Bill Reisenauer
Dennis McCarthy
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Keith Dawson
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 8/21/2014   Comment now   8 comments
Echelon, a venerable industrial controls company, has acquired Lumewave, an award-winning vendor of wireless controls for outdoor lighting, as one step in refocusing on a standards-based Internet of Things.
Barney Walker
Barney Walker, Cartoonist, 8/21/2014   Comment now   10 comments
Everyone in the LED camp thought Filament Phil was out for the count, floored by smarter electronics, better performance, and greater stamina. However, just as with CDs and vinyl records, Filament Phil isn't dead and buried by any stretch of the tungsten!
Ed Rodriguez
Ed Rodriguez, President & CEO, OptoThermal Technologies, 8/20/2014   Comment now   7 comments
The Cree three-way LED light bulb, under not particularly rigorous testing, displayed a couple of odd behaviors.
Keith Dawson
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 8/18/2014   Comment now   11 comments
This week: a virtual hub in the cloud, The Biei collection of oddly formed lamps, and thought control for the IoT.
Bill Reisenauer
Bill Reisenauer, Co-Founder, LED Specialists, 8/18/2014   Comment now   2 comments
EMI filtering is a fact of life for all of us in the electronics business. Here's the skinny on one venerable filtering technique, and a new material that promises to improve it.
Most recent post, Bill Reisenauer, 8/18/2014 5:52:58 PM
@DriverDesigner,   Agreed. Cost is still the biggest hurdle. It's nice...
Keith Dawson
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 8/15/2014   Comment now   17 comments
Do street lights deter crime? It depends. But we don't know on what.
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Street Lights & Crime: It's Fractal
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 8/15/2014
Monday Roundup: Think the Lights On
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 8/18/2014
Cartoon: Filament Phil
Barney Walker, Cartoonist, 8/21/2014
Echelon Acquiring Lumewave
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 8/21/2014
Cree 3-Way LED Bulb: Some Quick Observations
Ed Rodriguez, President & CEO, OptoThermal Technologies, 8/20/2014
Conversations with Philips Lumileds
Rahul Bammi
Rahul Bammi, VP Marketing, Philips Lumileds, 3/31/2014   Comment now   14 comments
As the year unfolds, you will see mid-power LEDs optimized for more than just lumens or lumens per watt. And the mid-power/high-power distinction will increasingly blur.
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