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Keith Dawson
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 12/22/2014   Comment now   3 comments
The EDN authors, Dr. Jöerg Heerlein and Dr. Tilman Rüegheimer, are head of product marketing for infrared components and product manager for biomonitoring sensors, respectively, at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors in Regensburg, Germany.
Lee Goldberg
Lee Goldberg, Founding Editor, All LED Lighting, 12/19/2014   Comment now   1 Comment
At EDN, founding editor Lee Goldberg delves into a topic we have covered a few times here: LED-enabled commercial urban horticulture, this time in New Jersey.
Most recent post, Dr.LED, 12/21/2014 7:14:34 PM
Let's hope it didn't manufacture pesticide, or something even worse...
Ed Rodriguez
Ed Rodriguez, President & CEO, OptoThermal Technologies, 12/19/2014   Comment now  
The MR16 halogen/incandescent lamp has been around for 50 years. I want to touch on a few points not normally mentioned about its history and about its new LED brethren.
Karl Hakkarainen
Karl Hakkarainen, Consultant & Blogger, 12/18/2014   Comment now   1 Comment
After Santa parks his sleigh and the New Year's ball has dropped, there's still the Consumer Electronics Show to anticipate.
Keith Dawson
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 12/17/2014   Comment now   11 comments
Here are the 20 most popular blog posts of the year at All LED Lighting, ranked by the number of times they were viewed by readers.
Keith Dawson
Keith Dawson, Editor-in-Chief, 12/16/2014   Comment now   10 comments
This week: OLEDs are never going to catch up, hens lay more eggs under LED lights, and Zhaga takes on COB LEDs.
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Rahul Bammi
Rahul Bammi, VP Marketing, Philips Lumileds, 3/31/2014   Comment now   16 comments
As the year unfolds, you will see mid-power LEDs optimized for more than just lumens or lumens per watt. And the mid-power/high-power distinction will increasingly blur.
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